Beck 7-18-2020 Broke the skunk!

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Beck 7-18-2020 Broke the skunk!

Postby cyanatic » Jul Sat 18, 2020 8:33 pm

Hot, muggy and overcast on Saturday afternoon. Took off for Beck at 4:45 and got there at 5. I didn't realize I could get there that quickly from home. Rigged up a watermelon/chart senko that's worked for me at Beck before and headed to the area west of the launching ramp. Overcast and scudding clouds, slight wind out of the southeast. Didn't even check the air temperature, but it had to be in the high 80's with high humidity. There was only one guy fishing that area so I had it mostly to myself.

A brief digression -- Back in May I bought a bunch of gear from Cabela's thanks to a gift card from my workplace. Among that gear was a fish grabber and a scale. I was tired of catching fish and not being able to weigh them. In passing, I happened to mention to my wife that it was stupid of me to buy separate grabbers and a scale since they make grabbers with built in scales. On Father's Day, one of the gifts my wife purchased for me was a grabber with a built in scale and tape measure! What a wife!

So back to Beck -- I worked the open sections between the reeds until I got to the same section of shoreline where I had caught bass, warmouth, bluegill and a perch back in June. Except for some stunted bluegill at Techny Prairie Lake, I've been skunked on all my fishing trips since then. Sure enough, I'm at the same spot where I caught fish back in June. I don't know how most people work a wacky rig, but I like to make that first cast, let it hit the bottom, then make little lifts and drops until I get it back to shore. I have never caught a bass or even been tapped on the initial drop. (I watched a YouTube video not too long ago where the guy -- I don't recall who it was -- said he'll sometimes work water quickly by casting a wacky rig and, if he doesn't get a hit on that first drop, just brings the worm back quickly and casts to a different spot.) The worm was about 15 feet from shore when I felt a tap, let him take it, pulled, felt the fish and set the hook. According to the scale he was somewhere north of 1 lb, maybe 1-1/2. I released him, of course. Although I approach every outing with hope and confidence, there's nothing like finally tagging a bass after weeks of being skunked. I worked that same area and then a section further down until it started drizzling. The rain let up and I was going to tie on a chatter bait with a craw trailer when it really started pouring down. I kept the wacky on and worked my way back through the rain to the boat launch area and then headed home. It was only one small bass but I'll gladly take it.

ImageWacky Rig Wtmln Chtrs by Steve, on Flickr

ImageBeck reeds and flowers July 18 by Steve, on Flickr

ImageBeck Bass 1 to 1.5lb? by Steve, on Flickr
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Re: Beck 7-18-2020 Broke the skunk!

Postby jonny2can » Jul Sat 18, 2020 10:52 pm

Nice job being patient and letting him take it.. shore fishing in the dead of summer is rough and when you get that first bite sometimes it's hard not to set the hook too early
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Re: Beck 7-18-2020 Broke the skunk!

Postby minstrel » Jul Sun 19, 2020 12:51 am

Ah hah!! Good to see you back into success. I'm sure things will flow for you now.

I've had a handful of senko bites on the first 'drop' but it's certainly the exception. I too execute a 'rise and fall' approach. Time between each is at random and whim :wink: I watch my line carefully for twitches and signs of line going taught/travelling. It's always exciting seeing that line go taut. It's sooo tempting to hookset the hell out of it at just that moment. I've tried to wait until I feel the tension/weight of the fish a bit more this year and not react too quickly. I have had a handful of really fierce hits when the line just zings tight and you can barely get a reactionary set in, but 95% are a more slow process.

I think the Beck bass may be recovering from the PTSD they got from living through the way the place was just pounded day-in and day-out for a couple months while other locations were closed down.

I got skunked* at Busse Friday and low totals all week so I know how tough it's been from shore with this searing heat. I put the asterisk because I don't count the 8"er I caught on like my 5th cast... hour after hour of nuthin after that sure felt like a skunking. My Monday will be a toss-up in location.
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Re: Beck 7-18-2020 Broke the skunk!

Postby joetrain » Jul Sun 19, 2020 4:15 am

Skunk off. The spot you are describing is where I caught my first ever Beck fish. A crappie on a Zara Spook.
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Re: Beck 7-18-2020 Broke the skunk!

Postby Rambler » Jul Sun 19, 2020 7:07 am

HEY-HEY!!! :clap:
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Re: Beck 7-18-2020 Broke the skunk!

Postby LC3203 » Jul Mon 20, 2020 9:36 am

That’s awesome!!! Well done!
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