Beck 'Birthday' Bass Beckon 6-5

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Beck 'Birthday' Bass Beckon 6-5

Postby minstrel » Jun Sat 05, 2021 7:04 pm

Late birthday present (on the 2nd) today at Beck... in a weather shortened outing I hooked into 4 at Beck today.

One I never saw since it buried itself in the shoreline weeds, until I broke him off... he must have been pretty rolled up in the weeds 'cause I couldn't budge him. If I let the line slack it would move a bit but not enough to free itself.

I then caught a 10"er or so between two big guys; all on a wacky 'baby bass' senko.

A 15"er:


And a hearty chunker that I taped out at 19"

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Re: Beck 'Birthday' Bass Beckon 6-5

Postby joetrain » Jun Sat 05, 2021 7:16 pm

BABAM birthday bass.

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Re: Beck 'Birthday' Bass Beckon 6-5

Postby FishinMatt » Jun Sat 05, 2021 11:47 pm

Happy birthday. Your living right to get kind of action at Beck!
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Re: Beck 'Birthday' Bass Beckon 6-5

Postby BrookeT » Jun Sun 06, 2021 9:11 am

Nice job and Happy Bassday!
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Re: Beck 'Birthday' Bass Beckon 6-5

Postby esbrosio » Jun Sun 06, 2021 9:40 am

Awesome job!
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Re: Beck 'Birthday' Bass Beckon 6-5

Postby Rambler » Jun Sun 06, 2021 9:43 am

Good stuff.
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Re: Beck 'Birthday' Bass Beckon 6-5

Postby cyanatic » Jun Mon 14, 2021 12:19 pm

Happy Birthday and good job! Some nice bass there! That's the kind of action I usually expect at Beck in early to mid June (not that I've seen any of it so far this year!)
Good fishing,


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Re: Beck 'Birthday' Bass Beckon 6-5

Postby naturestrail » Jun Tue 15, 2021 10:25 am

Nice!! Great looking fish!!
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Re: Beck 'Birthday' Bass Beckon 6-5

Postby ganz1960 » Jun Tue 15, 2021 12:06 pm

Nice fish! That 19 incher is awesome.
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