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Beck onesy

PostPosted: Aug Thu 30, 2018 10:29 am
by Rambler
Yep - you guessed it. Went to Beck yesterday afternoon. Walked around to the last clear spot in the reeds along the SW shore. Started with a buzzbait (what else is new?) then to a green & white chatterbait, then a black & red swim jig and finally a jointed black & silver Rapala. Caught a nice 2 pounder.

Didn't notice until after I took the picture that he had a scar along his other side. Looked like somebody tried to have him for dinner.

Also found a good 10 yards of heavy mono wound up in the cattails. There's one of those mono collection tubes about 15 steps from where I found it. So the "nature lover" who left it was too freakin' lazy to walk it over there. I took care of it for him. My wish for him is that he's a right-winger & his kids grow up to be Socialists.

Re: Beck onesy

PostPosted: Aug Fri 31, 2018 12:09 pm
by minstrel
I onesy'd Beck thurs as well, and mine was a big fighter about the length of my hand :roll: I wonder when they will end their summer vacation.