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Lasalle 4/27

Postby Beachpig » Apr Wed 29, 2015 10:22 pm

Hit the water around 9am and found launch temps around upper 50s. Headed over to warm water discharge pool and found mid 80 degree water temps. Lots of bait fish balls close to shore but only 1 small cat caught. Headed into the next pool and caught some real big cats. Kept working are way closer and closer back to launch banging the banks but it was just catfish after catfish. Cooler the water for the smaller the cats got. At the end of the day around 3pm caught 1 smallmouth bass. Wind was brutal. Big waves and whitecaps made for a miserable day. Wind had to be 30mph and close to being dangerous. This was at least my 4th time out on Lasalle this year and haven't landed a hybrid. I threw the tackle box out there again including cranks, lipless cranks, inline spinners, blade baits, swim baits but once again the only thing that worked was 3 and 4" gulp on light jig head. 1 big cat came on a fluke on a jig head. I have not been able to buy a fish at Lasalle on a fast moving lure this year. Tight lines!
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Re: Lasalle 4/27

Postby Bobba Down » Apr Thu 30, 2015 4:10 pm

That lake was build perched up high to catch the wind and help cool the water. A 15 mph wind can feel like 30, and it can get dangerous quickly. I only try to venture out there when a calm day presents itself.

I had similar results the following morning. Weather was great, but it was catfish catfish catfish. Some nice ones. Prob my last trip out there for the year tho, unless I decide to target the big blues.
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Re: Lasalle 4/27

Postby jspec25 » May Thu 07, 2015 3:45 pm

Boat capsized... Individual deceased today.
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