Fishing the Fall Bite..

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Fishing the Fall Bite..

Postby Ksum » Sep Mon 28, 2020 5:51 pm

Got out Yesterday after yard work, had a couple of hours and headed out.. I got out and walked away a bit from everybody got in the water and I will say a bit Nipply for summer waders. Fished a nature made wing dam and caught a couple of 10 in smallmouth . Not on the bar but down in the current. Moved over to a lift (deep water in front of a riffle) and fished a good while till I found where they were stacked. Throwing a 4 inch grub on a 3/8 green jig hooked up on a couple of brute did not land them :oops: I did catch a couple of decent ones and 5 or 6 fish without moving a step. They bit lightly and were laying at the head of the lip. Hope this helps Get out and fish before the snows fly.
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