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Wind Aided Busse Bass

Postby minstrel » Mar Tue 30, 2021 6:43 pm

Not that it was near a record but always good to get a new season rolling at the N. Pool.

I was out before and there were people that were having luck on small white spinners it would seem (hard from far away...) so I made a note to myself to add one to my pack. I was however being stubborn throwing plastics... today if you were on the right angle out there you could toss one a mile up in the crazy wind gusts.

Thankfully the temps were mid sixties or it would have been a truly miserable day. But given that it's Spring and the wind was like never seen I figured it wouldn't bother me to call it early.

Considering that I was about to head home when that voice said 'You brought the spinner to use it and now you're leaving it in your pack and heading home?' :roll: While I don't always listen to the voices... (It's better that way usually) I figured what the hell... gave the spinner a few unbelieving casts. Nothin. Moved down the path again and said I'd give it 5 casts. Four casts later and I said outloud 'Okay, last cast.' And:


Not a giant, but not a dink either so I was happy to chalk up the first of the year and head home. Sometimes the voices are right. 8)
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Re: Wind Aided Busse Bass

Postby Busse Jim » Mar Tue 30, 2021 7:29 pm

When the voice in your head says "spinnerbait" ya throw the spinnerbait!

The voice in my head just won't stop telling me to use it :lol:

Nice healthy bass. Been a couple + years since i walked the Pool. Now i'm thinking about a float :think:
Dragged my boat all the way across the grass 20 years ago to get in there, went to get the battery, Forgot it, DUH! looked pretty stupid rowing around the pool that windy day. Never got hassled. might have to try it again :) The yaks camo :lol:
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Re: Wind Aided Busse Bass

Postby Aux Pleins » Mar Wed 31, 2021 3:23 am

I may just toss the spinnerbait Sunday because of this. Nice report.
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Re: Wind Aided Busse Bass

Postby joetrain » Mar Wed 31, 2021 4:33 am

The famous last cast paid off.

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