6/10 Sorry no pics

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6/10 Sorry no pics

Postby Rooger » Jun Sat 11, 2011 10:58 am

Went out last night for a couple of hours with the intention of shore fishing some of the open water for pike or maybe even get lucky with a muskie. Man, have the weeds come up since I was there last. Really couldn't find many areas to cast my Sim's spinners and other pike baits without getting a salad bowl on every cast.

Fortunately, I had one green tube in my tackle bag hiding under the other baits, so I went over to the pool by the canoe launch and was able to pick up one pretty nice (18") bass from a rare open pocket surrounded by standing timber and weeds. I saw quite a few bass along the shoreline, but they were much smaller. There were hundreds of potato chip blue gills all over the place, too.

Unfortunately, my only tube had seen better days and other fish's mouths. In getting this one out of the weeds, the bass tore what was left of it into shreds rendering it "permanently retired". I also had a zara puppy with me so I tied it on and got a couple of blow-ups, but no scores. (Really, they were more of a swirl than a blow-up so maybe they were little guys.) On the other side of that pool, there were 3 guys (actually 2 guys and 1 girl all by herself) bobber fishing with bait buckets in the water and they seemed to be catching a lot of small panfish. Finally my mosquito repellent wore off and I couldn't take it anymore.

When I caught the bass, I reached into my pocket for my camera phone, but came up empty - doh! When I got back to my car, there it was, right on the front seat. After reading some of the recent reports, probably a good thing I wasn't at Busse!
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Re: 6/10 Sorry no pics

Postby 1080tommy » Jun Sat 11, 2011 12:05 pm

I was at Beck yesterday and was using a bigfoot scumfrog and noticed some action but it was limited. I think the colder and more unusual weather has got them caught between being done spawning and ready for their summer movements. I think the surface bite will just get better and better from here on out until the fall when they are getting ready for winter. At least you had some action and even those swirls are awsome, just to know there is one down there checking things out.
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