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Postby LMV-Fish » Nov Wed 02, 2016 7:48 pm

I never really catch anything when I go to IG but I managed one bass and 2 pike today. One nice one here caught in about 1' of water on a jig and craw on 16# line
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Re: 11/2

Postby RonG » Nov Wed 02, 2016 8:28 pm

Super fish!
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Re: 11/2

Postby bigo100 » Nov Wed 02, 2016 8:28 pm

nice fish, ig is definetely capable of producing trophy sized fish. Whenever i go i almost always catch something. A few years ago a man was reeling in a bass when a 50 inch musky devoured it look it up there are plenty of pictures on google of it. I remember once when i was just having an overall bad day fishing i tested my luck in the south bay to see how long i'd last before they told me i can't fish there... second cast with a jig, i let it sink all the way to the bottom and BAM fish on it fought reel hard and by now the people working at the marina were staring at me as if they were thinking, "what in the world is he doing there?" by the time i got it in, the manager saw me and was walking over to me. It was a pretty solid 23 inch northern with a very vibrant pattern. After i released it was told that i wasn't able to fish there. I guess i can sort of understand why no fishing is allowed in the south bay but could they at least allow it when the swimming area is closed because a big portion of the big fish are in the south bay it is their "safe zone"... that's at least what i have to say about ig. i still have yet to catch my first walleye and musky out there but hopefully that'll change in the next year or so. But ig is truly a great lake for fishing.
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Re: 11/2

Postby cRaZy_BoY » Nov Sat 05, 2016 12:51 pm

That's a beauty!
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