Cabelas store brand going away?

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Cabelas store brand going away?

Postby DasGoby » Aug Mon 13, 2018 2:05 pm

It seems stock of Cabelas house brand items is getting scarce, both on-line and in stores. If you have items from them that you like you should think of purchasing now, if it isn't already too late.

I myself really liked the 1/0 16oz jigheads that are a perfect match for 3" grubs, swimbaits and other plastics. This size / weight combo is hard to find and when you can find it it is often for 1$ per jighead or more vs. 15C per jig for the unpainted Cabelas. They are already out of stock on these and most of the painted colors in this combo.

I'm going to try ebay for a 100 count of similar jigs and hope that they are good.
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Re: Cabelas store brand going away?

Postby Lip_Yanker » Aug Mon 13, 2018 5:04 pm

From what I remember, this is a cyclic event... Unless there really is a change with BPS f*cking with the Cabela's house brand items now(?).

Anyhow, it always seemed that about this time of year, the fishing items started getting thin on inventory- And then coming back somewhat around Thanksgiving/Christmas for the sales. Then being thin again until Spring for the new season.

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Re: Cabelas store brand going away?

Postby Woohoodude11 » Aug Tue 14, 2018 12:39 am

1 lb jigheads? Lol.

I messaged pics to some friends. Every one of their aisles has massive gaping holes and the most common stuff is extremely hard to find in stock. If you want Green Pumpkin senkos you better be okay with goofy flake colors in em. They had some Cabelas branded senkos that had o-rings molded in. By the time I could stock up on em, there wasnt one bag of any color available. Bummer.

BPS is stocking random Cabela's stuff in their stores (mostly their Yeti knockoffs and camping gear). I wouldn't be surprised if BPS merch starts invading the fishing aisles.
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