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Lake Opeka Rant

Postby Topwater » Jun Fri 02, 2006 11:36 am

Ok, fine. My dillusion of shore fishing bliss is bit by bit being eaten away. Went to 'my spot' today to find two of them dag nab bucket guys sitting right there, not even fishing!!! :evil: And they were older white americans, for the record :shock: And worse than that, the park district yahoos have thrown more concrete debris into the waters edge, of course not on the golf course side of the fence where it would effect nobody, but on the public/fishing side where it makes casting out an even more challenging experience! This is making what very little fishable shoreline there was even more unfishable. I am putting two and two together and seeing that at one time Lake Opeka probably was a decent fishery (when the western, golf side was open to fishing as evidenced by the rather nice looking cement pad that extends somewhat into the lake on that side, presumably right off the 25' hole. But given the obvious lack of knowledge or perhaps concern by the DPPD it is all but worthless to fish for decent size fish with any predictibility, almost exclusively due to the fact that the drop offs and structure are indeed inaccessible except by boat. Which is what I am going to do this afternoon. I hope. Anyway, my report at this point is that unless you have a boat and are willing to pay the fees to launch it, you are probably better off not fishing Lake Opeka, not for a fee anyway. This is frustrating as it probably would be a fine little lake to fish. This may seem premature, but I have fished there tons this past two weeks and other than the posted fish have had zero luck. Plus, I just need to rant as I feel like i've been hosed! :cry: (P.S. I've never once been 'carded' by a DPPD employee even though they have often been present)
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Postby JasonN » Jun Fri 02, 2006 2:07 pm

Rant away, my friend. All you say is true.

Having seen maps of Lake Opeka, it certainly looks like all the good structure is along that western shoreline.

I think that all too often, a community gets the idea to "bulid a lake" so that property values can go up. Then they let the lake be managed by people who manage parks, but not "fisheries".

Then the property owners want a golf course to further add value to the homes. So the build the golf course on the side of the lake that would be best for fishing without even realizing it.

Then when they put their homes up for sale they can say "close to boating, fishing, golfing, etc."

It certainly seems like Lake Opeka could be a good fishing lake for shore fisherman. Perhaps if enough of us said something to the DPPD, action could happen. Who knows?
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Postby Topwater » Jun Fri 02, 2006 2:41 pm

Yeah, I guess its all in the 'presentation'. I understand the golf thing though I as yet am totally not attracted to the golf thingy. I did just email my alderman (who's husband or family member is a DPPD commissioner unbeknownst to me) and suggested a fishing pier on the southwest end of the lake a la Lake Glenview that would keep anglers out of harms way on the golf course but yet allow the better structure to be reachable. If one actually looks at the plot layout of the golf course, the whole south end of the lake could and should be open to fishing as there is no danger of a stray golf ball hitting anyone there, the tee for the closest hole is aimed west and you would literally have to hit the ball at 90* from the tee to come close to anyone fishing that area. But a pier would look cool, add 'attractiveness' to the lake and should actually make fishing a reality there. Ah, I doubt it'll ever happen but who knows, Bass fishing is growing in popularity every season, right?!?! Oh, well, I'm taking the wife and the boat over in an hour or so, hopefully there will be fishies in the good areas :D

Thanks for reading my rantings!!!! I tell ya, its tough fishing around Chitown!!!

P.S. for those who are so inclined, Paul Cathey is DPPD superintendent of parks: [email protected] you may want to drop a line suggesting the Lake Glen fishing pier as a very good idea for the DPPD and Lake Park, especially if you are a resident.
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