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Lake Opeka at Lake Park - Des Plaines, IL
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6/3 report

Jun Sat 03, 2006 1:38 pm

Took the boat over to Opeka. Fished 11am - 1pm. NNE winds, kinda strong, very sunny. couldn't find many good dropoffs or weedbeds, there are a few on the west side. Threw out spinners, shads, jigs, and a few spoons. A few bumps but no takers. Fishfinder did find plenty of fish (as compared to Beck yesterday which had very, very few) so they are in there, but they were hanging in the deep with a stray here and there in the shallows/drops. I just think they didn't want anything I was tossin'. Forgot the worms and leeches at home so don't have that to go by as far as a bite.

Side rant: they post the hours of boat launching as 10am to sunset, weekends and 11am to sunset june through august. The kid didn't come in until 11am today and said they were closed after 6pm. Hmm, perhaps more people would use the lake if the hours of operation were a bit more, say.....observed by staff. End of rant. I feel better!!!!

6/3 pm report

Jun Sat 03, 2006 9:51 pm

Shorefished south end spot. NNE winds gusty, then mild; 6:30 - 8ish pm; threw spinner, shads, my new Slug-go's, and a pumkinseed 4" senko, texas rigged. Senko saved the day with three LM: one little guy, one about 12-14" and the big dog at 16"! Yes, I finally didn't get skenko'd on the Yamasenko! It's cool to start learning how to use new things! Also a lot of bumps that I lost, probably due to my inexperience with the senko. All fish from the same spot, dragging back parallel to shore just past the fence, and all very fiesty! Earlier in the boat I didn't bother with the area I was casting towards tonight. I will have to investigate over there via boat to see if there is a good drop or something producing every fish I've caught at Opeka thus far. Did lose about four or five senko set ups though. Some nasty bottom rip rap (probably old concrete parking blocks :evil: )

Flight patterns & fishing

Jun Sat 03, 2006 11:28 pm

Just wondering, does anybody notice or know of the effect of airplane flight patterns on fishing? I know it sounds a little silly but it did seem off hand that I have had the better outings at Opeka when planes are taking off in the distance rather than practically right overhead (Opeka is very near the North/South runway and if planes take off going North then there is quite a bit of thunderous jet noise) I haven't done an extensive study by any means, but thought about that tonight as I was reeling in big mama!

Jun Sat 03, 2006 11:38 pm

Those fish have heard the airplanes over and over and over again. They are used to it. Same thing happens at Axehead Lake.

Glad to hear that you have tried the Slug-Go and Senko baits. Think about what these baits do... they immitate injured FISH. You have to work those baits as though they are injured baitfish... twitch, reel, rest, etc., continue.

Keep it up, Topwater, you'll find that you will catch some quality fish!
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