6/9/06 Report

Lake Opeka at Lake Park - Des Plaines, IL
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6/9/06 Report

Postby Topwater » Jun Fri 09, 2006 10:43 pm

Went out twice today. Both times conditions very similar: strong east winds, overcast, temps around 68*.

Southern spot 1-2pm. Two LM, one about 11" the other smaller than the 5" senko he was trying to munch on! Both on the 5" senko, green with pumkinseed specks.

Southern spot, 7-8pm. One 10" on the.....chatterbait! Blue skirt. (got it at Lee's last week, he had a very few left) Not a bad fish but had sustained some lower lip damage that was pretty severe rip. Hope he makes it but he wasn't looking too good. At least he was hooked clean by me.

P.S. Since the DPPD guys have been tossing concrete debris in the lake at the 'spot' some people have had the idea to 'build' a small walkway out into the lake next to the fence. I ended up wading in (against the 'rules') and had good access to the better parts of the lake by casting. That's how/when I got the evening fish. Keep building whoever you are!
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