Baker's Dozen Live Action 5-24

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Baker's Dozen Live Action 5-24

Postby minstrel » May Wed 24, 2017 11:30 pm

After taking a few blank days chattering and casting senkos to no avail I decided to switch things up on a weather trend that seemed 'crappie-ish' to me. Went back to ye ole bobber/minnow combo for today's outing. Proved to be a good decision. 8)

Ended the day with an Opeka Baker's Dozen: 9 crappie and 4 bass. One bass was 12-13"ish but the best bite of the day spit the hook half way in without revealing itself, but given the way that one was pulling with a fury no other bobber-taker has mustered up told me it was a significant fish. Add another to the 'Big One that Got Away' files I guess. :cry:

Steady action once I ditched out of the wind and ventured out back marina-side. Hit four crappie quick and then after a while the 3 bass kicked up (2 landed).

Switched spots 'round 6 and until deciding to call it a day the action was steady with 5 more crappie and a bass or two. The one thing about crappie is when they are there the really hit ya and then when they are gone they gone! I for example was unhooking a crappie today and as I was doing so saw my other line go under. :o

Good day of fishing, one bad picture :P

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