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Lake Opeka at Lake Park - Des Plaines, IL
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Opeka 5/5

May Sat 05, 2018 9:25 pm

Went AWOL from moving this afternoon for a brief jaunt on beautiful Lake Opeka. Simply could not accept not enjoying this weather at least a little bit. Totally different scene from when I was there last, 2 weeks ago. Didn't have anything for temp readings but I have to wade a bit to get my boat in and out and the difference in the feel of the water is remarkable.

Threw a jerkbait, from the shallow little flat by the boathouse and all the way up the shoreline to the shady tree. Panfish hit it but went airborne and shook off, feisty little guy. A little later boated my first bass of the year:


After that I had something follow it back all the way to the boat but turn back, and another shake off, underwater this time.


- All of the bass were relating to water at least 10 feet deep. I made more casts in the shallowest, warmest water by the boathouse than anywhere else and had no activity. The strikes I got were in shallow water near the shore, but they didn't start happening until the drop off got deeper, and I made less casts in those areas than I did shallower.

- The strikes were tentative. 1 for 4 and the one was just barely hooked through the lip. I was using a floating jerk-bait in a shad pattern. Not the ideal choice but it came from LTB and was a type I haven't tried before.... I'd liked to have tried something in a yellow perch or ayu type of pattern that suspended if I could have stayed.

I also made a few casts with a trap and a jig and pig but nothing on those. Anyway I made out there and I caught a fish, and I'm excited as hell for this summer. I'll be living 10 minutes from the DPR and don't have to traverse the city to get to my boat at Opeka anymore. Time for a trailer hitch....
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Re: Opeka 5/5

May Sun 06, 2018 4:17 am

Jig + gulp = catfish.

Re: Opeka 5/5

May Sun 06, 2018 4:39 am

joetrain wrote:Jig + gulp = catfish.


Your observations are good about where the bass are striking.

To me I never switched lures at Opeka, I just switched jig sizes so I could get in the depth as needed. Figure I throw out a little 411 for any guys kayaking there for a first time.

Plastic scent baits, gulp of course, but Powerbait is a cleaner less messy bait. And is "18x stronger scented than gulp". I always went bass sizes too 10 or 12inch powerworms. Even the short bass gobble it. The cats love it, what fights.

Thanks for the post, I've been waiting for someone to toss up a Lake O post. Keep catching em there and I'll definitely let ya know when the DPR is worth a venture. Little slow right now.

Re: Opeka 5/5

May Tue 15, 2018 8:07 am

Another quick hit 5-13. Yet again no sonar. Found 3 small ones, again up tight and shallow but immediately adjacent to drop offs into deeper water. 2 on jerkbaits and one was my first ned rig fish. Couple of other strikes on both lures, was my first time throwing a ned and I'll continue.

Seeing other guys picking up fish too and looking forward to getting on some full fledged outings.



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