Shore fishing smallmouth possible in late June?

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Shore fishing smallmouth possible in late June?

Postby dpangler21 » Jun Tue 08, 2021 8:37 am

My birthday is June 27th and I want to fish for smallmouth on Lake Michigan. But I don't have a boat. I thought about a charter but the only person I can find who does smallmouth, by the name of Ralph Steiger, has not responded to my inquiry in a week, and there has been no activity on his FB page since April.

Is there any place in the Chicago area where you can get them from the shore that late in the summer?
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Re: Shore fishing smallmouth possible in late June?

Postby GEO » Jun Fri 25, 2021 9:42 am

You can catch small mouth all year long! I have several videos in 2019 of walking the harbors about this time and in July and august catching Small mouth. Most of the fish you’ll find are hungry and trying to ambush food. If you walk the harbors and jig small swim baits along the walls mid depth or even crank baits you will catch them. Their not sitting on the bottom gulping gobies all day as everyone claims, As well as there are not nearly as many gobies near shore as there use to be.

So yes your answer is an astounding yes!!

These Bass are just panfish. And panfish love the harbors. Literally all year long.

Du sable and diversy are your best shots for smallmouth and large mouth burhnam for your just smallies. But I’d recommend du sable because it’s a great harbor for a variety of different things. Bring polorised glasses and enjoy the sights
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