A few gills – Local and up North – January 2017

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A few gills – Local and up North – January 2017

Postby catchafew » Jan Tue 17, 2017 7:21 pm

I’m liking the super small tungsten ice fishing jigs (~3mm), I seem to get more action from them but I’m very limited with my understanding of ice fishing and all the ice lures I own. In so many words it’s good to go fishing with other skilled anglers, hopefully they can show you something new. Plastics have worked but I still feel more confident with my jigs tipped spikes and waxies. Fish were caught in 8 to 19 FOW but I seem to have more action in 8 to 15 FOW. Though my Vex FL-18 has a low power setting which I love as it's easier to read when you're in the weeds, I still like to fish outside of the weed line by several feet, I'm not saying that's a wise choice, it's just what I'm doing right now likely out of being lazy.

I’m still not getting on the ice early enough or staying out late, I’m not happy about that but that’s the way it’s working out so far. The walleye are there for taking at this one lake if your there at the right time, but this secret lake I like for eyes and skis was snowed in this weekend way too much for my Outback but not for monster trucks.

This picture was taken in yesterday, 1/16/17 about 300 miles north of Chicago… Consider a road trip up North if the ice in IL quits and you still need an ice fix. I'm sure mid-northern WI will have good ice for a while but phone first.

Maybe it was just the day on this local lake I hit a couple weekends ago, I must have had 50 gills in few hours of fishing. The Vex was going crazy and I could tease them many feet off the bottom. It's so cool when you see fish zoom up the water column with your flasher like a missile and hammer your jig.

A few more pictures. All fish were released.




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Re: A few gills – Local and up North – January 2016

Postby RonG » Jan Tue 17, 2017 7:28 pm

Excellent report. Just perfect. Nice variances in the chill gills.


lol - had me chuckling. That guy is pissed at you and was not happy at all on how his day was going!
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Re: A few gills – Local and up North – January 2017

Postby SpecialEd » Jan Wed 18, 2017 9:48 am

It's too bad about those eyes, there is something really special about catching walleye through the ice.

Great color variations on those gills as well.
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Re: A few gills – Local and up North – January 2017

Postby SmalliesNEyes » Jan Wed 18, 2017 9:57 am

Yeah, a walleye through the ice is fun. Every once in a while I'd get one out on the Chain when I used to ice fish it more.

Gonna be open water fishing for the next 2+ weeks, though. Forecast shows way too warm weather until next Thursday/Friday. I believe I'll be out on the boat on the Illinois River this weekend. :shock:

I'm assuming we have good ice again around the 29th/30th. After this week of warm they're calling for daytime highs in the 20's with nighttime lows in the single digits and low teens. Should lock it back up, and back on the ice Super Bowl weekend. Just my guess.
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