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DPR eagle

PostPosted: Sep Thu 12, 2019 2:24 pm
by Rambler
Hit the river for a couple hours yesterday. A pike hit my buzzbait on an early cast but I missed the set. No other action for the day. But it was a good day anyway.

First I was honored with the sight of 2 big bucks crossing the river together - both 10-12 pointers. Totally majestic. Urbanhog would probably have shit himself. :D

Then while walking thru the woods to a different spot I heard a crack like a rifle shot behind me. Turned just in time to see a big widow maker come down across the path. Whew! Glad I wasn't standing where it landed - would have definitely meant a trip to the ER or morgue.

I had just tied on a new lure when I looked up and saw a big bird sitting on a dead tree upstream. At 1st I thought it was the osprey I saw last week. But when I checked it out thru my binocs it was a mature eagle. It was holding it's beak open - I guess the heat & humidity were getting to it too. Took a shot with my POC phone. Just after I did it flew away upstream. Seeing an eagle on 9/11 seemed appropriate.