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Dupage wading and starting over

Sep Sun 01, 2019 5:50 pm

So grew up in the Bolingbrook area and currently in the Plainfield area for a number for years. I used to fish the Duper off Royce road in the ‘brook for Carp and at Hidden Lakes when I worked there in the bait shop in my teen years. Now older and wiser I am looking to once again tame the great Dupage.

I am close to Rt 59 and Rt 30 and have been scouting a few areas to begin my wading experience for Smallmouth. I have checked out Electric park in Plainfield, the canoe launch off of Caton Farm, and also near the bridge on Caton Farm. I am reaching out for any suggestions on a good place to enter the water, that is relatively safe for me to test out my hip waders and attempting to fish for Smallmouth

I have traditionally been a small lake. Pond fisherman, and only hit up the rivers for Carp in the past, so I struggle with fishing with artificials in current, but am really intrigued by many of you here and on a few of the other local fishing sites. When I head out on a normal day to a pond or lake I use light tackle, and usually a worm no weight, and a rooster tail on another light rod to start. Those have been my standards forever, and some topwaters. So a jig head with tube or grub while not foreign to me, is not in my wheel house. Though I did get familiar with them in Wisconsin last year fishing for walleye.

Any suggested guidance on a staring point would be awesome, or if you are looking for some company on a local outing let me know. Thanks in Advance and sorry for the long post here.

Re: Dupage wading and starting over

Sep Sun 01, 2019 5:55 pm

Search through this site for post from Jmdogg. He is the Dupage guru.

Re: Dupage wading and starting over

Sep Sun 01, 2019 7:09 pm

Yeah I have read through his posts here (Joined recently) and on another site(joined years ago)...... He is a magician. :D

Re: Dupage wading and starting over

Sep Sun 01, 2019 8:20 pm

I would say hit the Lily Cache creek confluence off Canton Farm but I think they've been working on the bridge there and that might have spooked a lot of resident fish. Definitely stick with your preferred methods, worm or rooster tail. Bouncing that worm off bridge pilings or chunk rock around the bridges is a good way to run into a fish.

Re: Dupage wading and starting over

Sep Mon 02, 2019 4:07 pm

River road in Plainfield where the high power wires cross over. Wade upstream towards the high school. Good water all over that stretch.

Re: Dupage wading and starting over

Sep Mon 02, 2019 5:20 pm

This is a good time of year to switch to a natural looking Whopper Plopper. Plus, it will keep you out of the weeds to a larger degree. The smallies attack them!

Re: Dupage wading and starting over

Sep Mon 02, 2019 7:55 pm

I will look to make some time next weekend. Fall bite would be good, beats the killer summer sun.

Re: Dupage wading and starting over

Sep Tue 03, 2019 5:37 am

Electric park all the way down stream to the pedestrian bridge is wade able and productive. Not sure if hip boots are adequate. I would suggest chest highs and you can walk pretty much right down the center. Another access is at Riverview Park. If you are new to fishing rivers check out the National Weather Service water report for height and flow as measured at Plainfield and get familiar with the levels that are safe to wade. That holds true for all the local rivers. I usually throw a artificial hellgie, crawfish or ned and let the current take it. In-line spinners like a mepps or rooster tail also work well in the spring but once the eel grass gets going that presentation is frustrating. Good luck and stay safe.
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