Still slow but slowly improving

There are seemingly endless amounts of rivers, creeks and their tributaries throughout northeast Illinois.

Still slow but slowly improving

Postby catchafew » May Sat 25, 2019 10:20 pm

We hit three different rivers today. We were pretty much just targeting smallies but a few small musky and northerns showed up. All river produced fish but nothing too exciting for numbers or quality of smallies. Guessing we got 6 smallies, two skis and two northerns

Most fish were caught on either a 1/8oz jig and 4" tube or 1/16"oz jig and 3" white grub. Side pools off of strong currents were productive. Another outing where dead slow retrieve was the ticket, almost like working a Texas rigged worm with a bullet weight.

Things are still slow for smallies on these rivers but reports of walleye are being told lately from all these rivers. Hopefully rivers come down a little and we get more heat for a few days. A few skeeters and butterflies were out and about but nothing too obnoxious. Tag alders leaves are about the size of a quarter and fiddle sticks about 6" high.

Camera lens protector on phone is cracked, sorry for poor pictures.

I let her reel in her first ski, not much of a ski but she was excited. Again after doing a room sweep with a musky rod with a 6" silver black Jake.

Same spot with this kid but then she'd only catch smallies. Some day she'll be too cool for fishing so we're enjoying it while we can.

Smallie on tube

Musky on tube.
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