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Quarry bass and Learning the Scary way (6/22)

Jun Sun 23, 2019 6:26 pm

First for the fishing report: Headed out to the quarries around 3 p.m. and started casting along shoreline drop-offs with my no skill set-up of choice, the Gulp leech. First two casts = first two bass. About 14" each. After a couple more casts I decided to take a walk to a bay I can usually catch a few from, and lo and behold, first cast in new spot = another bass . Five casts, three bass, and I'm feeling pretty good. Things slowed down, but I wound up with 5 modest bass, 1 hybrid (I think) sunfish 8"-9", and a ticked off little rock bass. My brother was with me, and he managed 1 largemouth, and 1 sunfish of sorts. All fish caught on the "leeches" and small tubes and fuzzy grubs.

Now for the scary part: After a couple hours of fishing, the brother gives me the "I'm not feeling great, we need to head back signal," which consists of circling his index finger in the air, then pointing to his torso and lastly directing same finger in the direction of the trail we walked in on. LOL! So I'm thinking he's got to use the washroom and is tired of watching me catch fish...no big deal. Wrong!!! After I break down my gear and walk over to him, I notice he's turning an ashen shade of pale, and can barely convey that he thinks he's going to pass out! I tell him to sit down, to which he responds by weirdly shaking his hand and collapsing on his backside. Great!!! Did he just have a heart attack, stroke?!?! I'm VERY nervous to say the least. A couple of fishermen that were close by came over and checked his pulse and supported him a bit. Shortly after, my brother came around. Luckily, the afore mentioned fishermen had some ice we put on his neck and wrists and got him back to "normal." The whole thing lasted a couple of minutes tops, but felt MUCH longer. Turns out the sibling didn't eat, OR DRINK, much of anything earlier in the day, so I'm chalking the incident up to a case of dehydration, and maybe some heat exhaustion. Finally, I know all of us know to stay hydrated and to bring water along with us when we are out and about. I also know that we (I) don't always do this, so if this incident can serve as a reminder to anyone who might read this, then I'm happy. Also, if you're feeling like you might take one of these unplanned "naps" while you're near the water, make sure you step back from the bank, and sit down in some shade if possible. I don't even want to think about what could've happened if the bro was by himself, and took a dive into the quarry. Thanks again to the Good Samaritan fishermen, if you are reading this!

Good Fishing, Everyone!

Re: Quarry bass and Learning the Scary way (6/22)

Jun Sun 23, 2019 6:46 pm

Damn hope your bro is ok. He should follow up with his doc though ASAP just to make sure it’s nothing more serious!

Re: Quarry bass and Learning the Scary way (6/22)

Jun Mon 24, 2019 12:28 pm

Wow that sounds scary. Hope he’s ok too! I agree hydration is key and it’s easy to kind of lose track when you’re out fishing having a good time. There’s been times where I’m telling myself put the rod down and drink or eat and a hundred casts later I finally do.

Re: Quarry bass and Learning the Scary way (6/22)

Jun Mon 24, 2019 7:47 pm

Thanks guys! So far, so good. The ironic thing about the situation is that he's been trying to diet and get out hiking with me to start to get into better shape. Might need to up them calories, just a bit.
One thing's for sure; no matter how many first-aid classes you sit through, when something actually happens, it's a whole different stress level. Especially when it's family that's involved.

Re: Quarry bass and Learning the Scary way (6/22)

Jun Mon 24, 2019 11:53 pm

The buddy system isn’t just to quickly pattern fish and provide conversation, it’s also for incidents like you encountered. I fished a new quarry last week Monday solo and I honestly didn’t want to. Bad shit can happen at quarries. Luckily the guy who gave me the invite was working high up in a solo and could see me around 75% of the place and later on Woo stopped by. I’m very glad your story has a happy ending and you caught some fish too :)
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