4/26/20 Some other lake

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4/26/20 Some other lake

Postby Busse Jim » Apr Mon 27, 2020 8:34 pm

Finally got my lazy ass out, missed my lake by 2 days so had to try another. Real late start, but I wasn’t gonna have a missed April on the books!

Even know I did blank, It was fun exploring a new springtime lake. :shh:

So you can stop reading now if you want. :P

Spent 5 hours out, fished for 3+.Just Perfect conditions :sarcasm: Mostly full sun, 15-20+ N winds, Crystal clear water 8’ vis+ :roll:
Cast and trolled real deep water for a couple hours, the wind was brutal!

Ate PBJ, relaxed, switched to bass mode and was setting up along a shoreline . When Jason walks up.

He gets his yak and as we start down the shoreline, a lady and her dog who about 15 mins earlier reached the end of the easy walking shoreline and made the mistake of trying to round the lake through the woods, ( which turned out to be very marshy), had fallen in a deep hole and then was having trouble getting back to dry ground calls out for help.

Jason paddles over and helped guide her through the reeds and trees back to the green path around the lake. She gave us a scare when she disappeared in the reeds half way back for 20 seconds or so.

But she made it out, very wet, very relieved, and hopefully smarter
Way to go Jason :clap:

After 4 hours I was kind of done, still hoping for the skunk saver, but after finishing the shoreline, it wasn’t gonna be, and I wasn’t staying for a couple more hours till sunset.

Was still a nice day to be self quarantined on a new spring lake and break in the new season. Gonna have to come back.Got no choice now. :x

And as I passed my favorite pizza place on the way home that I’ve been visiting for over 40 years, ( though I don't live by it anymore) I stopped and ordered a 12” “Little Villa” Special and the fact I got skunked on my first outing was now well worth it. Yum!
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Re: 4/26/20 Some other lake

Postby vman01 » Apr Mon 27, 2020 10:05 pm

Hero status and pizza. That's a good day Jim
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Re: 4/26/20 Some other lake

Postby catchafew » Apr Mon 27, 2020 10:26 pm

Nice report out Jim and the good samaritan deed you and Jay did should bring you good karma on some future trips.
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Re: 4/26/20 Some other lake

Postby Aux Pleins » Apr Tue 28, 2020 3:32 am

I never had much luck on that lake while boating myself. Owners of Little Villa are really nice people.
Nature and shit.
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Re: 4/26/20 Some other lake

Postby Rambler » Apr Tue 28, 2020 9:15 am

My best friend & I got stuck in the marshy area by that lake in the winter - probably '65 or '66. Froze our asses off. Boots weren't waterproof. Misery. I'd go back in a minute! :D
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