Heidecke Lake Fishing Report: 8-4-07

Heidecke Lake - Morris, IL
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Heidecke Lake Fishing Report: 8-4-07

Postby JasonN » Aug Sat 04, 2007 8:54 pm

Temps in the low 80's; overcast with periods of light rain; very light east winds; fished from 3pm-6pm.

Not a F***ING THING! 160 miles round trip for a skunk.

I was set up well with 9" (yes 9 inch!) Slug-go's to imitate the shad the stripers go after. Also threw Senko's, a DT10, X-Rap Shad, and a bunch of other baits. Even the DNR guys said I had the perfect bait choices.

Only a hand full of others out there. Never seen it that sparse. And NO ONE was catching a thing.

Oh well, there's the token trip to Heidecke for the season for me.
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Postby ClancyWiggum » Aug Sat 04, 2007 10:45 pm

That sucks to go that far for a skunk :( , but you did everything you could to catch fish since you had the perfect lures. I've never fished Heidecke, but I thought about making a trip there sometime. You'll get them next time 8) assuming you go back again. :?
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