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Postby bobberwatcher » Apr Wed 24, 2013 10:02 am

You wont find a recipe here but if youre looking for a cute story, read on. It was the first time camping for my husband and i. I caught a bass. Beginners luck. Decent size, i was determined to cook the thing. Somehow we managed to fillet it. It was dark, only 1 outside light from the cabin. I brought cooking stuff just in case. Lots of lemon, salt, cornmeal and into the frying pan over an open fire. Took it too the picnic table a ways away from the cabin, really dark but had a candle. The fish was great. Enjoyed it till i saw a opposum at the cabins front porch. Husband went to shoo it away by making noises at it, i stayed at the table laughing till i heard hissing sounds all around me. Couldnt see them but i was pretty sure i was surrounded. Got up on top of the table, realized they could too so i made a b-line for the cabin, ran inside and closed the door. Oops, forgot husband! We still laugh about it. Going back next month. Glad it wasnt bears, but that hissing sound in the dark....yikes!
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