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Sand bars, mud, etc.

One of Illinois most scenic rivers in Illinois, The Rock River is a great place to get your game fish on.

Sand bars, mud, etc.

Postby Rory_B_Bellows » Jul Sat 14, 2012 9:47 pm

So I got my boat out of storage finally this weekend after moving back in the spring. Not only was I planning to hit up the Rock for some of the great catfishing, I actually crossed it at two different points today, and wow... low, low, low. One particular spot I've crossed for many, many years in travelling, and there are sand bars and mud flats in spots I've never seen them before. 30+ years and I've never seen the water that low. Yikes. Low as in if you strayed from the main channel you'd be running aground. This was southwest, towards the Quad Cities.

Now that I have my boat out of storage, I was hoping to head to the Byron/Oregon area, has anyone been around there in the past couple weeks? I've actually never been in the Rock that far north, but how is the water around there generally?
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