Plans for 2020

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Re: Plans for 2020

Postby DasGoby » Mar Thu 12, 2020 9:11 pm

Don't know specifically which conference, but I looked up the RSA conference you referenced and it's very likely the one. My son works for ISACA, if that means anything.

Didn't know ISACA but looked it up and seems to be a good possibility that it was the RSA conference. I've been a few times but didn't go this year. A lot of people I know went though and I heard that two attendees turned out to have the virus. It is a giant conference though and at this point two weeks behind us. If he isn't sick yet I wouldn't worry.
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Re: Plans for 2020

Postby ganz1960 » Mar Mon 23, 2020 4:22 pm

ganz1960 wrote:I plan to continue staying at Airbnbs and hotels during retirement. It will be interesting to see if I do all of this, which is in the tentative planning stages:

February -- finish my stay in Miami catching peacock bass
March/April -- head back to Corpus Christi chasing speckled trout wading and from shore
May -- start my smallmouth tour by hitting the James River near Richmond VA (never fished it)
May -- continue the smallmouth tour at the New River in Radford VA (never fished it)
May -- continue the smallmouth tour at the Tug Fork River in KY (never fished it)
June -- head to Plainfield IL to give the Dupage River a decent try (fished twice with no success)
June -- also head to Tennessee for trout fishing in the smoky mountains (and to visit my mother for her birthday)
July -- continue trying spots and cities on the Dupage River
August -- head to a couple cities on the Fox (August has been good to me on the Fox)
Sept -- unknown at this time

I may have to renege on this. That nasty Rona has decided she doesn't like people traveling. Aye Corona!

I have arrangements for May, June, and July all set up as described above (with minor exceptions described below). My travel by plane, train, and bus is all confirmed (I don't drive) plus Airbnbs and hotels. But I'm not sure travel is a good idea right now so I'm leaning toward canceling (more like postponing I hope). We'll see!

Minor changes: In June, I won't be trout fishing in TN. Instead, my brother and I are (in theory) heading to Guntersville for some largemouth bass. Also, I planned to visit my mother in TN in April and June, but her retirement building is in lockdown so the April visit will almost certainly be canceled. We'll see about June.
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