What great service

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What great service

Postby oldsalt » Apr Fri 30, 2021 5:07 am

45 minutes to get three dozen minnows.Musky Tales,on rt173,starts out counting by hand,then he lost count had to start over,when he was done had them in a plastic bowl,asks me if I want them in my bucket.Then he asks me if I would like my water.Now over to the register, he does not know how to operate it,calls Cylde,who is in the game room,I will be their in a minute, he's playing a video game.He provides me with change for a 20,I tell him I want to pay for my bait,he says I have to find the sheet to scan.I pay then he shorts me four dollars in change.
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Re: What great service

Postby joetrain » Apr Fri 30, 2021 6:20 am

You got me laughing reading this.

For a different twist I had great service from Stanley. You know the thermos company. I’ve had a Stanley 16 oz tumbler for years. The twist on top is spring loaded and disassembles for cleaning. Somehow the spring was thrown away. I called Stanley hoping to order a spring. They didn’t have any in stock so they sent me a new cap no charge. I told them it was my fault the spring was lost but she said that didn’t matter. Lifetime guarantee.


ps. This tumbler is indestructible. I have dropped it from a lift 20 feet up more than once. Dented but still works. Keeps the coffee hot for about 6 hours.
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