Nice crappies

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Nice crappies

Postby Power Ranger » Mar Tue 22, 2011 12:10 pm

I spent a couple of hours in the Northwest finger of the lake this past Saturday and caught four real nice crappie.
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Re: Nice crappies

Postby nerf888 » Mar Tue 22, 2011 1:01 pm

That's good to hear!
I was there also, I experienced several equipment failures, one and the most distressing was on my brand new rod and
reel. the reel is a brand new Fish Eagle 2 from cabelas, total downer! I took out my baitcaster just to see if it still worked,
it did, but big baits weren't working that day at all. I walked all the way around the lake just to see lake conditions.
I did manage to foul hook a 8 inch shad. I didn't see much activity in the water except for the shad surfacing.
I even managed to get snagged up by the northeast corner drainway and lost my favorite mepps!
So hearing of your success makes me feel better.
BTW, what kind of bait were you using, I'm trying to NOT use live bait this year, but................
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