Lot's of dead carp.........................

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Lot's of dead carp.........................

Postby nerf888 » Jun Tue 21, 2011 7:39 pm

Decided to brave the sauna like conditions and fish my local lake.
They sprayed around a broadleaf herbicide (so the sign said anyway) right before Memorial day.
First coupla' days after there were lot's of dead crappie and a few nice size LMB.
Yesterday the whole lake shore were littered with dead decaying carp.
The whole place smelled like death!
The hot weather and I'm guessing everybody put out fertilizer on the surrounding homes caused ALOT of weeds
and floating algae.
Made fishing less than pleasant, but I threw my favorite Mepps and managed a few dink LMB's and lot's
of fiesty bluegill.
Found a spot where the gills were bedding(?) they were thick as mosquitoes and very active chasing each
other around. I fished till I got heat stroke and had to leave.
I guess it's a good thing the carp have been reduced, there were so many screwing up the fishing, churning
up the mud and all, I keep a can of corn in my car just in case, but I think I'll wait to go back til when all
the carnage is less evident.
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Re: Lot's of dead carp.........................

Postby Emmett » Sep Sat 03, 2011 12:40 pm

yeah i have been there so many times were its just dead carp every where. Its may be 2 things. Well it can be a simple carp kill but i don't think they did a carp kill (i could be wrong) or the oxygen in the lake rose, and since carp are very sensitive with breathing and such, that if it rose to high it could be a massive kill.
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