Nice one on a frog

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Nice one on a frog

Postby toyasu » Jul Sun 23, 2017 7:28 am

Hi, all. I had a couple of free hours yesterday afternoon so I hit the North end right by the parking lot. Only my second time at Lake Glenview. It was around noon, noon:30. I'm determined to improve my frogging skills so I tied a hollow body on to 40-pound braid (bait caster and 7'0" medium-heavy). After only about 10 minutes of twitching over the lily pads, bam! Only my second bass on a frog (the first one being the day before at a different pond). I thought, all right, this is going to be good! And then...I didn't catch a thing for next two hours. Oh well. I'm excited to come back for the morning and evening bite. Good luck to you all!
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Re: Nice one on a frog

Postby Busse Jim » Jul Sun 23, 2017 11:50 pm

:clap: on your 1st two frog bass. Now it becomes an obsession :lol:
toyasu wrote:And then...I didn't catch a thing for next two hours.

welcome to frogging :roll:
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