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The forecast the upcoming weekend though...

:shock: :lol:
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It is supposed to get colder this weekend, but not that cold.........................I hope. :lol:
Yea!!!! I'm happy that is finally open. I heard on the news this morning that Green Bay is supposed to get 8 inches of snow today :shock:.
Thats funny shit Jay
It's about time that Deep opened up. Only problem is that for both Saturday and Sunday they are calling for temps in the 33 to 40 range with snow intermixed and very windy. :evil: Just have to hope that the forecast is wrong or that it's great weather the weekend after next. :?
man this winter is just not giving up...... :twisted:
I was looking at the 15 day and they were predicting snow for one morning in a week or so :roll: Gotta hope they are wrong again :shock:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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