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got out early this morning about 5:30 and fished until about noon, got around almost the entirety of lagoon #6 shoreline. Worked Senkos mostly, tried a top water popper, and buzz bait early. Saw a few good sized bass swimming but couldn't get anything near them as the shorelines were ridiculously weedy. Very aggrivating morning, but at least it was beautiful outside. Managed one baby LM on a grn pumpkin senko. So at least I wasn't totally skunked. Had a few bites on the same but couldn't get the hook set. At what point in the year to these weeds start subsiding? Both Beck and Skokie Lagoons (#6) look like they could produce good fish but the weeds right now are making them very dfficult to fish.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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