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Fished North shoreline of lagoon #1 from 5-8:30. Tossed senkos (I'm starting to become a big fan) blk w/gld flk, chart tip. Got one 12" LM by a log (lots of fallen trees/structure in this area). Missed several bites and had a few losses when the fish got into the heavy weeds after the hookup. Had one that had to have been 15+ and fought for a bit until it worked itself free in the weeds. Tried Lindy Rigging leaches on my other rod to no avail.

Think I'm going back to Beck next time, can't believe I'm saying this but the weeds there are actually much much more manageable than at the lagoons.
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The weeds at the Skokie Lagoons have really gotten bad the bast 4 years. Lagoon #6, my favorite from the past, is almost unfishable from the shore.

Good job on the fish you did catch, Brian. Those Senko's are great baits!
Great job Great report

Keep them coming


slop fishing! something i don't do enough of but it can be lethal when weeds are thick. bass are there, you just can't reach them with the conventional methods. that's when you slop fish with a frog bait across the top of the weeds. the bass love frogs and they will be able to see, hear and snatch them thru the weeds even tho we may think they can't. senkos dragged and hopped across the weeds work too.
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