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Fished for about a hour 10-11:15 sunny alil windy water was very clear alot of weeds along all the shoreline of the lake
used a yum dinnger texas style rig 1st worked it with a weight to fight the wind but kept pulling up weeds so took the weight off
worked the dinnger on the surface letting it fall in open pockets between the weeds
Had one LM on but i lost him when he went through the weeds at least i got out today anyway
kinda wished that i had some sluggos seeing that jason has had some luck with them
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sometimes it helps to set the hook a couple times while fighting the fish to ensure you got him secure. :wink: at least you got him to means your doing something right. :mrgreen:
yeah i will not forget to be sure i got him on after the 1st set from now on it could of prevent a skunked day
Tom.. the bass WILL "shy bite" at Axehead this time of year. You have to cast back out and finesse them. Try the Slug-go's, they are more effective than the Senko's at Axehead.
I got a real nice size LM at Opeka, had to be 3lb +, and I fought it almost all the way in and it flipped the hook, the senko was untouched! Setting a second time may have landed me the summers prize fish!
i have never had any slug-go's be4 do you work them the same as senkos or dingers ?
is there a big difference between slug-gos and dingers/senko?
they are true jerkbaits. they sink real slow and don't need to be jerked as hard as senko/dingers to achieve the walk the dog action.
Thanks for the tips guys last ? what are prices on slug-go's (i shop at dicks)
$3-$4 a pack. however, they are more durable than senkos/dingers and you should be able to land several fish on a single slugo.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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