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Had a wierd day of fishing with Amanda. We were driving home from Sunday afternoon from visiting friends of ours. We were driving first on Rt. 14 and stopped at the fox river to get a line wet. We spent about 30 minutes there with no success, I used senkos, her a chatterbait. Then we stopped later off of Lake st. at the DesPlaines river for another 30 minutes with the same fishing techniques, same results. Honestly, I just don't know how to fish rivers (or lakes sometimes for that matter). Maybe we were targeting the wrong species but it was nice to see some other bodies of water anyway. We later stopped at the Glen and spent about 2 hours there from about 4:30 to 6:30. Me again with senkos, the girl was making up her own lure combinations and would have been pretty funny if she caught fish and i didn't with her conglomerations of various baits. I think she at one point took the rubber minnow thing from the Berkley blade dancer and put in on a pink jig head. Anyways, it was entertaining. We were heading out on our way back from the north piers to the parking lot after not getting any fish and I decided to toss my black senko over the south side of the bridge and eliminated on my last cast what would have otherwise been a skunk for the day. We ate dinner at a resturant in that strip mall area and all in all had a really fun day.
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