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Got out after work again today from 3pm until 4:30 pm. Startetd off promising as I landed a 9" LM on my second cast with a blk senko. Switched to both blk w/gld flk, chart tip and grn pmpkin, blk flk over the next hour. Long story short, I missed about 8 hits after the bass I landed right out of the shoot. It didn't matter what color senko I had on they were all getting hit. All very very shy bites, was trying to let the fish get ahold of the senko before I set the hook but there was a lot of bump and running goin on. When the bite is like this am I supposed to hope the fish hits again or should I just be setting a quick hook as soon as I feel the strike?

By the way, temps about 86 degrees, partly cloudy skies, and a light south/southwest wind :wink: . Thanks for helping me out on that one guys.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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