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GREAT day today. Bass were very active.

My normal route is to start at the beach by the clubhouse and work around the lake. Today I didn't need to leave the beach.
Massive amount of baitfish along the beach shoreline. As the sun started to go down the water just erupted with activity.

I lost count of the number of bass I caught. I went through a bag of senkos, they were getting torn up from all the activity. Nearly every cast had a strike but everything I caught was small. Still fun though.

And it looks like the fox isn't as rare as I thought. I see it every night that I'm there. It's arrival is signaled by duck/geese going insane or hearing people "ooooh"ing and "ahhhh"ing.

If the action keeps up, it might be worth your time to stop by. Plus you get to see a fox. :D
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