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10/15/05 with my boys

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Well, they aren't my boys, they are my kids from church. Took 4 boys out to Beck to teach them the fine sport of angling from 3:30-6. I only had 3 rods and one was without a reel so what do I do? I tell them all to find a long branch to teach them some old old school Huckleberry fishing.

They all scattered into the woods and brought back a few branches. Some good to fish with and some not so good. As a joke three of them bring back a huge log. LOL. You gotta love kids. Anyway, I tied up some line and a hook with a bobber for each kid and off they went. Used sweet corn for bait so the kids didn't freak out on worms. Man o man were the small fish hitting them hard. 4 kids and 12 fish. The oldest boy Jay caught 5 and the rest caught two each. They lost about 20 fish from bad hooksets and anxiousness. From bluegills to rockbass and pumkinseeds. It was a great day of fishing even if I wasn't able to wet a single line.

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Hey man... that is really awesome! There is nothing like getting kids interested in the great outdoors and fishing.

Keep up the good work, Augy!
Good going! Ya say you used sweet corn, eh? I'll have to get me some for the next Beck trip :wink:
Funniest part of the day was one kid, the tallest and biggest of the bunch, caught the two smallest bluegills I have ever seen on the end of a hook. Both fish were less than 2 inches. They were smaller than my pet goldfish. LOL I gotta get him on a bigger fish next time out.

Yup, corn baby corn. I think it's the color that gets them hittin like that. I swear as soon as I tossed out a line to show them what to do, the instant it went into water the bobber started bobbin. They must be on a feeding frenzy. The kids saw more action than I've had all summer.
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