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10/20/05 and a better day

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7-10:30am Northern end of the pond

First off, never be ashamed to ask others for advice. Every time we fish it's a learning experience and today I received some great advice from a gentleman named John. I saw him yesterday and spoke to him briefly about the trout stocked but today he gave me hands on training. What a great sport this is!!!

He addressed my problem which was line too heavy and hook too big. He said once the pressure sets in, the fish are really shy of line and hooks so down size as much as possible.

So he gives me these tiny size 16 treble hooks that I could barely see and a few feet of 4lb line and proceeds to show me how to rig the powerbait so that it floats about 1-2 ft off the bottom. I rigged mine up and tossed it out about 10 ft. We proceeded to chat away and in minutes, bingo, a nice rainbow trout to brag about. A few minutes later, bingo, another one. I was out there for 3 days in skunkland and in a matter of few minutes I had two beauties. That's why I mentioned I am a new fan of light line in the other thread cause it really can mean the difference between fish on and no fish. :wink:

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