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Just a few years ago I would have been long since done for the year, now I paddle until ice. Of course with the climate change we almost made to 70 today, this helps a lot with extending the season. Originally I planned to paddle locally, but it was so calm in the morning when I took the dog out that I decided to risk it and head farther out. The area I had in mind can be kind of unpleasant in windy weather, so I avoid it unless I have a good feeling about the weather. It turned out that there was a bit of wind but it was perfectly manageable. The water was murky, I could barely see a black jig submerged 6", and pleasantly lukewarm. I started out throwing black/blue jig directly at the structure and pretty soon got a hit from a pike, typical DPR size. I pulled it pretty close to the boat and then he came off. I was not too sorry to see it go. That was the only pike hit of the day. I kept throwing the jig and over the course of the next hour caught three decent bass in 12-13" range. After a while I came to a spot with not as many downed trees and suddenly my second rod that kept drawing blanks heated up - over the course of fifteen minutes I got 4 hits on a flatside squrebill, landed 3 in 13-15" range and lost probably the largest one - my own fault, I hesitated for a moment wondering if I should net him and let some slack into the line. And then the bite stopped just as suddenly as it started. I tried some other lures without any success and finally paddled back arriving at the launch 15 minutes before the sunset. A great day all in all.

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The next day I headed to a spot closer to home. This time water was clear all around. Caught a couple of decent pikes, both on a jig. Had another blow up on a jig that was dragged on the surface when the line went over a branch. I guess I should have brought along some topwater lures. But not so much as a hint of bass.
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