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Got outta work early on Wed and hit up the river on the way home. Had to hike a little more than a country mile to find some deeper water as the river is "Devin Hester ridiculously" low. Found a nice little stretch that I've fished before but from the opposite bank. Had a big blow-up on a chartreuse buck-tail from a 30"-ish fish but couldn't get her to hit again, so I switched to a blue & white slash bait on my spinning gear. 1st cast had a nice hit & thought I'd nailed her but this fish was much smaller, a feisty 18"-20" pike. Fan cast that area and the surrounding areas but never saw another fish. Headed home happy I had caught something before this cold snap takes affect. May try & head out Sunday if it does make it above the freezing mark & we get some moisture as it should only help the fishing. Closing on the new house Dec 14th so this may be my last chance to fish the DPR for a long time. Good fishing.


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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