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Well , I fished the FRV Challunge on the Chain Tourney with my long time friend and esox partner MG (muskygun) , 1st my hat is off to the FRV guys , they did an outstanding job . 2nd a big thanks to the "Thirsty Turtle" They gave us a break on launch fees and only charged $5 and the food they supplied for the buffet was outstanding !!!
The day started out chilly and breezy , then the drizzle and rain started , time to put on the rain gear , which by the way did not come off all day !!!
The Tourney started off without a hitch and blast off went smooth , 65 boats were registered , we started in position 39. We headed to "go to" confidence spot on Marie , we found water temps to hold throughout the day at 50 degrees, MG started out throwing hair and I threw some top water over the weedy breaks. . We worked the breaks from 3ft- 17ft , nothing,, not even a sniff !! MG suggested we work the long weed flat , I threw a white and nickel bladed spinner and switched off with a crappie pattern shallow invader , The invader awoke a huge "ski right at the boat , we both immediately started throwing back into the area and could not raise her again  Well we trolled and casted the northern lakes and did not raise another fish. The day dished out some strong wind , heavy rain periods along with hail , lighting and thunder !! Hey was this November ??? or was it April ???? dang !!! Well all in all we had a good time , out of the 65 teams only 8 teams registered 9 fish , the winning team took 2 fish , 0ne I think was 36 and a 40 ½ the other fish were in the 30's , these fish cam from FOX lake and Petite lake !!! That team went against the grain and it paid off !!!! A variety of baits were used to catch the fish , plastics, jerks and spinners were used All the fish came from shallow water , 3-5ft deep !!.
It figures , all week we had mild to warm weather and it remained stable , but then on tourney day we get hit with a cold front and all mother nature had to offer !!! But that's what separates the good fisherman from the rest , they took the day , and adjusted to it and fish movements.
I won't be back on the water until Saturday and maybe Sunday . long range weather reports say rain and chilly again !!! I'm taking Friday off to do a little pheasant hunting with some Buds , I am getting the chance to hunt over a dog that I may purchase , My springer is going into retirement and time for a new hunting buddy !! I'll be checking out a german shorthair .
Tight lines everyone ~~~T
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