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11/5 outing

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Nice to meet everyone out there today. Too bad the weather didn't cooperate. :( I'm sure we'll get them next time, although there may not be too many more days left this year with weather warm enough to fish Beck (not counting ice fishing).
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Nice to meet you today Phan. Glad you made it to the site!
Sry to hear about the weather but I was standing yesterday in 40 degrees for 4 hours......... Why are Ice rinks so cold...........
Augy knowing you,how many cast did you make.
Not enough Rock. Maybe one more cast would of ended with a fish. btw Rock, it's called an "ICE Rink". :D :D :D It ain't basketball you were watching.
should have gone to the outing Rock, you would have been cold and wet :lol: but it was worth it we had a nice dinner and some great conversation!
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