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Twoglasseyes and I got out early today to try our luck at the WWD. We saw a bunch of nice sized bass (16-18") but only caught a few smaller ones.

We got to the discharge around dawn and spotted some a few walleyes erratically swimming around. I was casting a J-9 rapala and got a topwater hit, but sadly it was gill. When the sun came up a little more I switched to cralwers and continued to catch a bunch of dink gills :roll: (Mike was right about the minnows). I ended up catching both of my bass on a senko like worm. As soon as the bait hit the water the gills bum rushed it but refused to bite. This drew the attention of the bass both times. Here's a pic of one of the bass I caught: the other one was only an inch or two bigger.

After about an hour and a half at the discharge we explored salt creek but didn't catch anything. Rudy caught the pike below the day before on the side opposite the discharge.

The rain and wind sucked but all in all it was a good day.

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For those interested, the "senko look-alikes" that caught Sean's fish were made by Bearpaw Baits.

It's kinda creepy how I knew.....


JK... Sean told me, plus I had a bunch sent over to him cause he won my website's summer Bass tourney because this bait company sponsored the event which nobody really seemed to want to win.

Anyways, they make great products and high quality plastics especially for a company that specializes in only handpours.

Get in touch with the owner, John Olsen, and he'll send you some samples of whatever you ask him for, free of charge, and tell him that Andrew Ragas sent you over. :wink: :lol: And if interested in buying, John also creates batches of whatever colors and styles you may wish.

Just thought I'd throw this down and maybe help one of my contacts get some potential business... :lol:
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