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Hey Jeffrey,
The Kank is an amazing but also potentially dangerous river. I’m not sure how you plan to fish it (shore, wade, yak, etc) but I would suggest shore fishing with some sturdy rubber boots that will allow you to walk into the water and move around a bit. Make sure you’re with an adult, as simply being near a river of that power by yourself is only for more experienced fishermen.

The state park areas are all very accessible and productive despite the pressure they get, so you should be around good water.

As far as lures, 3-4” soft plastic swimbaits, soft plastic craws, small squarebill cranks, and topwater poppers/walkers (should be on by end of May) are all baits that should work. Expect to lose baits regularly, so have plenty of tackle. Spinning gear, 6’6”-7’ M rod, 8-10lb mono or 15-20lb braid with a mono/fluoro leader is your best setup.

With all the rain we’ve had and the chilly temps it’s impossible to know what phase the fish will be in but I expect the spawn to be in full swing or even tailing off. Slack water and current seams should be productive areas.

Look up the USGS website for the Kank to get the water temp and level/flow numbers. Imo and based on some good Kank fishermen I know between 2000-4000cfs is generally wadable, 4000-6000 is acceptable to wade but only close to shore.

Good luck to you!
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