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1st Annual WCF Deep Lake Fall Classic

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1st Annual WCF Deep Lake Fall Classic

That's right. Aris and I discussed the idea about closing out the season with a fall fishing tournament at our beloved Deep lake late Sept. or Oct.

Nothing fancy. Fish the morning and have a bbq afterwards at Jack n Lydia's. Beer and brats! Bring the family! I'm thinking $20-$30(??) a head should cover food and beer with a decent payout for the winners. Big fish and most fish 50/50 split of the pot to each 2 man team after the cost of beer/brats. Boat rentals w/ or w/o motors is up to the team to decide.

Suggestions please!!!

Maybe Jason will even print up some T's or hats with some of that google moolah. (no pressure or anything jay. we're patiently waiting for some WCF paraphernalia :mrgreen:)
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Sounds like a good idea to me, depending upon the weekend. I've never fished Deep before, but I'm always up for a challenge.
fishing tournament :shock:
for money :shock:
im in dudes 8)
I am IN :D


-Biggest fish(pike included?)
-Total weight?(1 big pike could win it all?)
-Total fish per boat?
-Judges before you leave the dock?
(no bring your latest live well catch from last week or a planted stringer set in the lake FULL with bass :shock: )
- Fish finders?
- Poles per boat?(2 per man?)
- Parity in each boat?(who hooks up with who...draw out of a hat?)
or Aris you have a spot and can i use all your Pop-r's:D
- Do we have to register with the folks at deep lake? or just show up rent some boats and go?
- Is there a fee if we tell them what we are doing?
- Do they get a cut?

We all like to fish but when it's for money (and setup over the internet even just a small amount)it changes everthing....and may bring out a few ringers/cheats

Been there seen it in home game poker tournamnets set up on the internet.(even very small ones) It may attract some off the wall entries

I sure don't want to kill a great idea.... it's just a few things to think about and watch for that's all

I would set a date and also add a rain date.

Fishing(with firends in a WCF tee shirt and hat) for money ......price less 8)
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Sounds like a fine idea to me. I'll get working on details, date, and WCF items.
Jason let me know if you need any help and it look's like Augy and Aris have paired up like a bunch of broke backs......LOL So if you need a partner im in
I'm in. Haven't had a chance to meet any of yous guys yet so it should be cool. Haven't been in any type of competitive fishing yet either, so it'll be a learning experience.
We should put everything up to a vote.
Buddy or draw tournament ?
Just bass or include pike ?
6 fish per man 12 per boat and have to be atleast 14"
fishfinders should be no problemo.
too many things to list,put everything up to a vote.
we need to think this out very well.
do the participants need to be wcf members ?
lets all put our heads together.
I am IN........ (unless I got a midterm or somethin........)

heck, i'll drive the 3 hours to Deep lake from U. of I to fish it, lol
Lol, Dean. I doubt that list they got on at Lake Glenview had anything to do with fishing. "Butt", who knows?
while jay and dean work out the details of their romantic getaway, the rest of us will discuss the tourney. :mrgreen:

i say we don't include pike or any other fish and make this a pure bass tourney. it would just complicate things. if you do catch a pike, well, it's a trophy regardless.

the event should be open to members and their family/friends. not that we'll have hundreds of folks waiting in line to sign up for this event, but we should keep it semi private. jack and lydia don't get nothing. it's not their lake and we only have to pay them for picnicing privelages and booze.

2 rods per man and random draw sounds cool. but we need more input from folks.

let's pick a date first tho. if someone doesn't run a poll by tomorrow, i'll go ahead and set that up. i gotta get out of here right now. see ya's!
How about posting some dates and people voting on what would work for them. I have a few conflicts for late September, early October so if you could list a few dates I can let you know what works for me. A Sunday would probably work better than a Saturday for me. I'm sure that my son will want to be my partner.
hey i use 3 rigged rods in a boat but fish only 1 at a time lol.
Certainly some details to work out.

I'm tending to agree with it being a bass-only outing. Northern pike are always a bonus, but not plentiful enough at Deep Lake to make a tourney of it.

I'm also thinking that a Saturday would be better as many of us have church responsibilities on Sundays. But that's not set in stone. I can always take a week off church.

Most bass tournaments go by 5 heaviest bass. One thing to keep in mind is that we won't have livewells to keep the bass before selecting the 5 largest. I think we're gonna have to have some serious "honor system" going on.

Perhaps we should ALL have digital scales. We can award prizes for biggest fish, and total weight of 5 largest fish.

My idea for cost and prize money goes like this...
-$20.00 to play
-HALF, yes, HALF the pot goes to Jack & Lidia's Deep Lake Stocking Fund
- 60% of remaining money goes to total weight of 5 bass
- 40% goes to biggest bass

So if we have 10 fishermen, that is...
$100 for stocking
$60 for total weight
$40 for biggest fish

None of this is concrete, just my ideas. BUT... i'd really like a portion to go to the stocking fund.
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1/2 the pool to the stocking fund? :shock:

OR a WCF donation drive at another time if it means that much (may get more money in the long run :lol: )

Top dollar winner should/may pay a portion of the winnings to the stocking fund. Their choice(we have the winner of the last tournament(poker) buy the food for the next game...some times chips some time shrimp) depends.

Maybe each top winner pays a portion 15%?
to the stocking fund

1/2 the pool is to much.

5 boats (10 players X $20) = $200 prize pool

$100 to the stocking fund

$60 for winner on weight($60 for 1 guy or per boat?)
$40 for big fish($40 for 1 guy or per boat?)


Break down

$20.00 per man entry fee
$ 7.50 per man boat rental
$12.50 more if you need a motor(this will kill your profit)

Total to play (no motor)


You may not even break even on a good day

Beer and food + $20.00 per man?

Is there a cook out fee per car if we stay ?

Just more things to think about

Who said a fun day of fish for money would be easy :evil:
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I think that if we all "vote" and decide one what we all want it may just be too complicated. I think 1-2 people should just step it up and make the rules/regulations about everything -- we'll never please everybody by talking through this forum all expressing our own ideas. We should all poll to see what date is the best for us though.
Good point, Tim. As I own the site, I make the rules. :lol:

No, no, no... just kidding!

We'll figure it out. But I REALLY would like at least SOME portion to go to the stocking fund, and i'd really like this to be less about money and more about a fun WCF tourney.

And personally, I have to be careful about being the site admin for an "official tournament". There are all sorts of legal issues that can pop up that others have warned me about.

That's why I want this to be as "unofficial" as possible and for fun (with a few bucks as a bonus).
Simple is best (but it get complicted quick)

WCF members........

70% to the stocking fund

split the rest 60%(3 BASS weight( i hope I can catch 3) + teeshirt)
40% (big BASS + teeshirt)

(teeshirt is good adverising when worn/seen at other local lakes?)

draw for a seat(2 players per boat, 2 poles per player). Bring your own cook out food/motor?

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y dont we keep the stocking fund seperate from the outing.
I`m sure we can donate something on the side for the fund as a group.
each member can donate something to the best of his ability.

70% is insane lol

dont understand the pole thing,what difference how many poles u bring as long as u use 1 at a time.
live bait ? hopefully not.
Hey Jason we should Put some money into the stocking fund but we could figure out what jack charges for food and a keg the turnament we go to in may he cook's some chickens for us and lay's out a nice spread if we get enough people. We should get a date soon he only has a few motors That run well......LOL And I agree bass only The live well situation is another thing to. And hey Augy easy on that dateing stuff I don't wanna have to flip you like that guy did at the XFC............LOL
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