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1st fish

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Hello all, My name is Michael and I have to thank you all for opening my eyes to all the great fishing right in my back yard. After stumbling across your site and reading some of the posts about the river I had to give it a try. After getting skunked the first few times I grabed two nice fish this afternoon, just south of the bubbler at devon but north of the fishing wall. Both bass were LM about 11-13 inches in length. Both grabed on a jig head with a brown and green 3" grub. Not bad for 45 min. of fishing. I am sold and will be fishing the river much more. Thanks again.
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Welcome to WCF, DaddyO :) The Chicago River is definitely a great spot to catch a wide variety of fish, and it's one of the places I fish most often. Thanks for the report :)
So nice to have you aboard, DADDYO!

That NSC was my backyard for many years (still only 15 minutes away) and had provided me with some of the best fishing, year round, I have ever had.

Keep in mind... there are great fish throughout the Chicago River system but that stretch of the Northshore Channel from Foster to north of Howard is excellent! I have not fished the Lincoln Ave bridge since the construction, but all those bridge areas produce fish and are fairly accessible.

Keep up the good work. Get out there and EXPLORE! I look forward to your reports.

By the way... my avatar is an 18" largemouth bass caught just north of Howard St. on the NSC.
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