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I would recommend going back through some old posts. You will find enough spots and techniques to keep you occupied the rest of the season.
I posted this a couple days ago, and it still applies. I have not been there for awhile so I can only go by what was working the last couple of years around this time. You might want to check out also. Tons of reports there.

FishinMatt said:
As far as the fishing goes, I wish I could help you out more, but I have not been out in over a month. I would keep the boat in about 15 feet and cast 1 ounce spinnerbaits in front of Lake Lawn. If you have a map, you could also locate some of the steep drop-offs on the North and South shore and fish suckers in 18-25 feet. If you want to bass fish, skipping under the docks is good this time of year as well. There is a good algae bloom out there, so first and foremost you want to avoid fishing the dingy water as it is normally the dead sea. If all else fails, try drifting a nightcrawler or leech in 15-25 feet for a mixed bag of gills, eyes, and pike. I am not sure if any of these methods would be the ticket, but it is where I would start. Good luck.
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