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2/19/07 My First Trip to the WWD

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It was late in the day and really had nothing to do, so I headed to the WWD. Left my house around 3:00. Then, I went to Lee's, which is a very nice bait shop, and the guy there is very nice. Anyways, got some crawlers and went to the discharge. It took me a while to find the bike path. I called Lee's and asked the guy there and he told me where it was. I still couldn't find it. It's hard to spot that little green sign. I must have gone in a circle about 5 times lol. Finally asked one of those guys who park their cars and just sit there :roll: :lol: . He was actually helpful and let me follow him to the trail. So anyways, we got to the trail and followed the path. I have to say, it was a pretty cool place. The only thing that I wish they would have done is plow the path. After I passed the bridge, I turned left and I guess I was walking a little too far left. There's nothing like the sound of ice cracking beneath your feet :roll: . Good thing the water was only a few inches deep. After that, I started heading down to where you guys fish. The water was surprisingly clear, but it was only like 2 feet deep. The guy at Lee's told me he expected it to be around 4. So, I fished for a while, but didn't really catch anything worth taking a picture of...which were all bluegill and crappie. I did see some nicer bass, but I couldn't get the gills to stay away from my bait. With 30 mph winds, it was hard to control. One guy told me that they were biting good yesterday on minnows. He said the bigger fish usually stop biting when the water is so shallow. I figured that there would always be a steady stream coming out from the plant and it wouldn't have an affect on the depth. At least I got some fishing done and I know how to find it. I'll try to be back next weekend if it isn't raining. I decided to finish fishing early and walk around. It's pretty nice over there. Here's one of the pictures I took...

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