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BassCaster said:
no..... 93 is for higher compression motors. This issue has been beaten to death on the motorcycle boards I visit. The main issue is always reduced to the compression ratio and how much slower the 93 burns at the ratio.
(you think it would be faster)

If you don't have higher compression then it will burn even slower and the piston is to far down the power stroke by the time the fule is 100% burned to realize the power you "think" the 93 will give you. So you just paying more for no added gain in power :shock: the money and buy a pack of senko's :wink:
I always use the lower grade gasoline, just because I wasn't sure.
My fear was running to high and causing problems.
My truck doesn't need it, why should my little outboard.

Good points, now at least I have a reason to be cheap!

Do you want the $3 or $20 dozen-nightcrawlers??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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