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Not One Cent is involved for you guys

All of us has Busy Schedules. And Like Myself I want to compete in tournaments but Sometimes with work, School and everything else. You just can't. Well, Let me offer you something. An Online fishing tournament. As dedicated to the sport as you all know I am. I have Finally made everything out, and The tournament is perfect.

March 2007

I'm Holding tournaments for a variety of species in a variety of divisions Are you up for the challenge ? You fish on your own time with no strict rules. From March 1st 2007, until March 31st, 2007. All you need to Qualify is a Digital Camera, a Tape Measurer, and Of Coarse a Printer. You print out the tournaments logo (whatever it will be ) And you must display it in your pictures. There is no Money involved at All ! And you are able to win Trophies and Bragging rights.

After you registration is over I will post species qualifying lengths and how many per month.

There are

Bass Division

Walleye Division

Carp/Catfish division

Salmon/Trout Division

Pan fish Division (bluegill,Perch,Crappie,Rock bass)

Pike/Musky Division

And registration is as easy as this !


Perch Guy

Divisions Registering:

pan fish
salmon / trout

Can it get any easier ??

Doesn't matter where you live in the following states. Your able to Compete:


Well Sign up And lets get this going !!

Sign up ends March 3,2007



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Hey George I really like your idea here! I can't wait to look at the forum with everyones pics.

Yes, sign me up!

Islandfisher (Sean)


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Awesome Sean, it will be fun !

- -------------------------------

Anglers Name will appear as following. with name, City and club.


Perch Guy, Chicago Il. WCF

And Remember it's all Free You'll Never have to pay a cent. So even if you join and aren't able to get out... You dont lose anything.

WCF anglers that join will also compete against

a101,Myspace anglers,ulmtbass,ilodr,Ro etc.

Will Be great, And its all for the sport !


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Sean and Fish81

Do I write down Wcf as your club ?

Give me your club and it's site, So when people on other sites search and wcf is in the top field they may want to know what it is so They'll click wcf and it will take them here.


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